For the last 25 years, CAPRA has taken the lead as a real specialist in goat's cheese and continues to hone its techniques, with the constant aim of meeting its consumers' demands. Discover all the CAPRA cheese know-how through its different ranges.

  • Early days

    The CAPRA factory was set up on the Halen industrial estate. The company ran the whole process, from collecting the goat's milk to transforming it into pasteurised curds.

  • Merger

    Merger with the Midgard cheese factory in Werchter, the Merlin range came out at this time.

  • Greater surface area

    The manufacturing site became 5 times larger, up to 8000 m².

  • Take-over

    Buy-out of Amalthea. CAPRA launched manufacturing of bacon-wrapped goat's cheese.

  • Eurial

    Capra joins the French dairy group, Eurial (4,500 producers). CAPRA's turnover saw strong growth, going from €25M in 2009 to €55M in 2015.

  • Merger

    The Eurial group merged with the French agricultural and food group Agrial (12.500 producers).

Our values

Our land:

CAPRA values milk from local producers. Our know-how goes to improve Quality :

CAPRA prioritises meeting consumer demands, on a constant quest for quality.

In order to get a high quality product, CAPRA follows the traditional method helped by modern equipment.

BRC and IFS certified, the CAPRA site guarantees everyone's safety from staff to consumers.

Our products

All our products are manufactured using pasteurised goat's milk, coming straight from local producers. 
We offer 4 different product families: mature logs, fresh logs, roughly shaped cheese and bacon-wrapped cheeses to be baked.

Key figures

60 farms

53 million litres of goat's milk transformed per year

7,000 tonnes of products manufactured per year

Our Customers

We sell our products locally in Benelux countries, in Europe and beyond.
Our customers are mainly hypermarkets and wholesalers.